Workshops for Algonquin Women

February 16, 2022

7:00-8:30pm (EST)

Workshop: Using the Business Model Canvas to Focus Business Strategy

Open to all Algonquin Women.

The Business Model Canvas is a tool that allows entrepreneurs to visualize, design, and evaluate their business model. 

The Business Model Canvas helps identify how the different components of business relate to each other. Use it to decide where to focus time and energy as the business develops. 

Using the nine building blocks that make up the Business Model Canvas participants will be able to answer the following: 

  1. Customer Segments—What sets of customers will you serve? Which are most important to your business? 
  2. Value Propositions—What products and services will you offer to meet the needs of your customers? How will your business be different from your competition? What challenges will you solve for your customers? 
  3. Customer Relationships—What types of relationships will you forge with your customer segments? What are the relationship expectations of each customer segment? How are they entwined with the rest of your business model? 
  4. Channels—Through what means will you reach your targeted customers and deliver your products and services to them? Which are most cost effective? How are the channels integrated? 
  5. Revenue Streams—How much will you charge for your products and services? What are customers willing to pay for? How will customers pay? How much will each revenue stream contribute to your overall revenue? 
  6. Key Activities—What are the most important activities you must engage in to fulfill your value propositions, to secure distribution channels, to strengthen customer relationships, to optimize revenue streams, etc.? 
  7. Key Resources—What resources do you need to create value for your customers and sustain your business? 
  8. Key Partners—Who are the buyers and suppliers you need to form relationships with? What other alliances will help you accomplish core business activities and fulfill your value proposition to customers? 
  9. Cost Structure —What are the key costs your business will face? Which resources will cost the most? Which activities will cost the most? 


Duration:  90-minutes 

Includes:  Business Model Canvas Template 

Outcome:  One-page Iteration of Business Model  


Carey McMaster is a Business Development and Growth Specialist with TRAICON. She provides business training, knowledge, and expertise to aspiring entrepreneurs and innovative leaders, and has for over 20 years, supporting hundreds of start-ups. 

A gifted instructor, her workshops foster confidence, motivation, skills, knowledge, and commitment; helping businesses reach their goals and achieve success. 

She is an Agile Project Management Professional, holds a Master Certificate in Organizational Development, along with certificates in Leadership, Business Incubation, and Facilitation.

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When: February 16, 2022 7:00-8:30pm (EST)
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Open to all Algonquin Women.
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